For more than 10 years the “Transformers” brand has had the communication platform “More Than Meets the Eyes”. But not everyone understands what this means.

Our challenge was to deliver this message, to prove that every person has more potential in them than they think. Apart from this, not all Russian moms believe that “Transformers” is a useful toy for a child’s development. We needed to destroy this stereotype.


As part of the wide-reaching “More Than Meets the Eye” campaign, we launched the first activation with Megatron at the Gorky Park ice rink. As legend goes, Earth’s biggest enemy was frozen by autobots at the Gorky Park ice rink. Optimus Prime, the leader of the autobots, called upon all the little defenders of the planet to store up enough Energon and through united efforts stop Megatron from escaping the icy prison. Kids weren’t just skating next to the monster, they were saving the planet!

The kids defeated Megatron by the end of the winter and marked the beginning of the campaign. They also proved that every person, even a child, has much more than meets the eye.


PR-Reach — 35 073 868

Impressions of SM posts — 17 268 932

Off-line reach — 519 000

The best part, we showed children and parents that if you set high goals for kids, they are capable of much more than meets the eye!

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