Friend for friend


Every fourth retiree in Russia is alone. Risk of early death among lonely people reaches 70%.

There are 100 000 stray dogs in Moscow. Their lifetime is 2 years.

To live longer, stray dogs need to be taken care of, while lonely people need to care for someone.


«Care prolongs life».

We have created “Friend for friend” program to train stray dogs to become companion-dogs for lonely retirees.

Together with city shelters we train dogsto adapt to elders. We help lonely people become owners of these dogs.


Website to change perception of stray dogs and to introduce them to future owners.

Because of zero budget, we started working with volunteers: bloggers, journalists, photographers, film directors.

Program started to gain notoriety really fast. We won “Socially Active Media” festivaland Sanoma IMedia provided us with free press coverage.


In 3 months, 27 500 000 media impressions with media value of 10 500 000 rubles.

The project was remarked by Moscow Government and received their approval for further development.

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