Hyundai Digital Christmas tree

January and early February are the best months to buy a car, as new cars start arriving at car dealerships in late February and early March. Dealers need to vacate their warehouses and are offering big discounts. In addition, the cars purchased in January are already last year's, which lowers their price.

However, at the end of 2019, the car market began to plummet. In November, it fell by 6.4% (according to the AEB). There was a serious risk that after the New Year no one would come to the salons. We were tasked with an activation that would strengthen consumer ties to the Hyundai brand and help build a broad base of potential buyers. With the help of our tool - Digital Yolki - we were able to clearly target the highly profitable segment in Sheremetyevo, collecting 23,275 leads for the future Hyundai sale in January-early February 2020 (with a KPI of 15,000).

At the same time, we spent 2.5 times less than the cheapest online media for the car market (according to the Calltouch 2018 study).

10% of the action participants independently posted a photo on social media with a gift from Hyundai.

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