During the self-isolation regime, the chewing gum category experienced an unprecedented decline in sales like many other impulse categories. According to Nielsen ScanTrack, the fall in the category in April 2020 was more than 30% in value terms. Sales of Dirol chewing gum also declined significantly. Additional pressure on the category was exerted by an outflow of customers to online stores, where people are much less likely to put chewing gum in the basket. According to Nielsen, the number of online shoppers has grown more than 5 times.

We needed to come up with a new way of communicating with the audience and building a youth brand image due to the cancellation of all festivals and music events. The core of Dirol consumers are representatives of generation Z from 13 to 22 years old. They have the highest frequency and consumption. Moreover, this audience is not just digital native, for them there is no fundamental difference between gaining experience offline or online. These areas are equivalent to them. And in view of the active growth of interest in online content and streaming due to covid restrictions, online has become the main form of reality.

Therefore, we used this trend to find alternative communication due to the cancellation of concerts in the physical world. we decided to create our own music streaming platform, which, on the one hand, will be able to use the trend for the active growth of online content, and on the other hand, it will neutralize all the negative aspects and take into account the mistakes of third-party platforms and create an innovative platform specifically for the Dirol brand.

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