New Year mail service

Mission: In New 2015 Year a biscuit brand Barni decided to initiate a social campaign and help dreams of orphan children to come true.

Solution:  Launch the site ‘New Year Mail Service’ with kids New Year’s letters. It was a revelation to visitors found out touching wishes from orphan children. On the site a bear Barni gave advices how to help the specific dreams to come true. Then users bought New Year’s packaging of Barni biscuits, transferred donations to the Family complex support center ‘Pro-Mama’ and shared information about the campaign in social networks.  


By means of the campaign we attracted attention of many people. More than 26 million people got to know about the campaign. 6 million rubles from Barni biscuits sales were transferred to the Center’s account and it’s a round sum for ‘Pro-Mama’.  

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