Open the door! Meet your guests!


· To support the main message of the brand “Aromagic connects!”

· To activate new platform “Great taste brings great guests”

· To increase top-of-mind and occupy emotional space in just 2 months


To solvethe main tasks we were supposed to realize a large-scale TV campaign and spend a huge budget for ad spots.

But we analyzed the TV viewing grid of the leading channels, and discovered that STS, the most relevant channel for our targeted audience, has problems with new content.


Our solution is to create our own TV show. From scratch.

A show that TV channels will like so much that they will broadcast it for free.

Especially for STS channel Jacobs has launched the unique project «Open the door! Meet your guests!». 8 famous people each make a visit to their classmates, whom they haven’t seen for many years and shown how an unexpected meeting over a cup of coffee can bring completely different types of people closer together.

TV-show became the centre of the integrated and pr campaign, which was realized in the web, social networks and offline.


· TV show reached 8.7 million people

· 5.9 million views on YouTube

· 64 million banner clicks

· Million users downloaded the app

· PR VALUE – 14 millionrubles

· 60 + FREE publications in federal media

· Top of mind increased by 50% in 2 months

· Market share of brand – 18.4 %

· The best rated project on the STS channel

· The second most popular on Russian television

· The project was so effective that the STS channel offered to produce its sequel.

· We didn’t spend a single cent on media placement!

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