Warm gifts from grandmothers

Task: Yubileinoye is a Russian brand of cookies with a century of history. It shares family values and teaches to find reasons for joy even in small things. Over the past two years, sales of the brand in the autumn-winter period have decreased by 9-10%. The task was complicated by the complete lack of a media budget, without which we needed to break through the traditionally high New Year communication clutter.      

Solution: We come with the idea of creating warm Christmas sweaters and accessories, hand-knit by grandmothers, not only to attract promo-participants via exclusivity, but also to help older people feel important and needed. We created a special promo site with profiles of grandmothers and lookouts. Where every buyer of “Yubileinoye” could win one of the collectible items just to register the promo code from the pack. The initiative was supported by bloggers and they demonstrated the masterpieces of grandmothers in their social networks.


We got an impressive results and solved several tasks at once with a short-term campaign:

- PR Reach 79.5 mln

- Increase in sales in tons +11%; in money + 9%

Hundreds of responses and video commendations that grandmothers received from the campaign participants across the country.

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