World without doctors

During the second wave of a pandemic the workload of medical workers has significantly increased. Doctors and nurses are still at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus, and creators want to attract public attention to their struggles. The purpose of the action, which could be compared to the socially aware works of street artists like Banksy, is to emphasise that civic activism is now more important than ever. The existing problem concerns everyone in our country and each of us can help. In collaboration with Sozidanie Foundation,we launched a crowdfunding campaign to purchase personal protective equipment for healthcare workers across the regions of Russia.

Task: The Sozidanie Foundation is fundraising to help doctors in the Red Zones of COVID-19 hospitals in the here and now.. Our task is to highlight the work of the charity and raise funds to help frontline medical workers. The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted — many having fallen ill and died. Problem: In Russia, there are political constraints on the coverage of this problem. People are not aware of the state of affairs. But everyone tries to speak out on this topic.

Solution: Under budget, we came up with an idea to launch an art installation in an abandoned city of Perm Territory. We placed the image where no one could see it. Yubileiny has become a ghost town. This is an ideal illustration of the future of any city that is left without medics. The city founded at 1957 but it is practically abandoned since the termination of mining production at 2000. So that as many people as possible could see it. Every day we put on masks in the streets of our cities, helping ourselves and those around us. Therefore, our team puts a mask on an abandoned house, which, perhaps, will help the most important heroes of the pandemic period — medical workers.


Campaign budget — 100,000 rubles (1,000 euros)

Funds raised — 1,500,000 rubles (15 000 euros);

Media mentions — more than 40 (Large federal media & TV)

OTS — 300,000,000

Reach ~ 85,000,000

Dates of the campaign — 2 - 9 of November 2020

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