New Year workshop

Idea: The concept of the campaign is that Barni decides to change the gift-giving policy: children are used to receiving them, but every kid needs to give presents himself. The brand wants to become a part of kids’ new-year life for a long time and understands that a regular present won’t be a surprise to anyone.

The campaign ‘Barni’s New Year Workshop’ inspires children to create gifts with their own hands and give them to their loved ones.

Solution: We created an integrated campaign, with packaging at its core. To involve the target audience, every package included Barni's New Year Workshop that gave children an opportunity to make by hands their own New Year’s presents using fairytale characters and Christmas decorations.

‘Barni’s New Year Workshops’ have opened everywhere: online lessons at social networking sites, on the Barni website and creative workshops in large shopping centers (14 MEGA trade centers in Moscow and key regions in Russia). We had also created promo package with Barni’s New Year Workshop design in retailer’s shops throughout the Russian Federation.

Results: As a result of this campaign, we achieved the following results: A 24% increase in sales in comparison to the same period last year. A 3.3% increase in market share. Impressions 51 000 000. The main result, however, was Barni ‘s New Year’s Workshop appearing in every fourth playroom.

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