Oreo Fortuneteller

The key message of the brand is Stay playful.

In 2019, one of the most significant events for Russia was the Ice Hockey World Championship, which became an excellent opportunity to interact with the widest possible audience. The goal of the project was to tell the consumer about the brand and the main communication, as well as the ritual of consuming cookies - twist-lick-dip.

To integrate the brand into a global event, as well as maintain playfulness, we decided to position Oreo not as a cookie, but as a new tool for predicting the outcome of a match. To do this, in the Oreo group on VK, videos were released daily with a call to guess on which side of the cookie the filling will remain, i.e. which country will win the current game. To add weight to the new sports oracle, we also brought in renowned sports experts to the forecasts, who referred to our forecasts. Thus, the Oreo cookie beat the predictions of even Paul's octopus. And the activity brought an incredibly large audience coverage due to viral distribution.

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